Soulful Expression

Your full expression is more than just living, it's becoming alive and allowing yourself to be fully and vibrantly expressed through multiple channels, interests or industries.


We live in a society that at some level recognises a person for one profession, title or job. We can deceive ourselves into thinking that we appreciate people for more than one thing but our conditioning says otherwise.

Think about it!. If you met someone for the first time and asked them ‘what they did for a living?’, and their answer was a list of 10 professions, you’d probably find it difficult taking that person seriously. In short, you’d probably struggle to take them as seriously as a person who had one focused profession. Why is this? well, it’s certainly connected to the way we’ve been raised and taught to view professional individuals. Let’s face it, it’s been drummed into us, to go to school, then university and then secure a job. Or maybe we’ve skipped university and gone straight into work. Either way, we typically develop within an industry and stay within it for a long period. Many skip from one industry to another, each time they settle, they identify with the new industry.

What if we had been encouraged in childhood to express yourself through multiple avenues. And saw it as normal to carry that trend on throughout your life? what would you be doing?

The point is we are multi-expressive with more than one interest or talent. When culture and society make room and promote this multi-expression, people develop more aspects of themselves. This enables individuals to give more of themselves and the world at large benefits from this rich and dynamic contribution.

When all is said and done, it’s never too late to allow yourself to Be fully yourself. Explore the avenues of expression you’re interested in and begin expressing yourself through them.

There’s always a way to start small, unpaid, online, your own blog, Youtube etc. It’s the expression that’s important not just the monetary reward.

Make the world a better place with your expression.

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