Flowetry Life is a Philosophy for Living fully

Flowetry.Life is a platform that centralizes my work & philosophy, making it easy to access. A site that is based on and influenced by Living Life Well. What does living life well mean to me?

To Flow … like a Flowecist

When a person lives and makes choices heavily influenced by deep self-knowledge and knowledge of the world they live in. You see, life is a construct of principal laws and smaller laws. These laws govern all of life (basically all energetic flow). Learning to live a life that flows with as opposed to resisting the already existing principal flows of life is a skill, I call Flowetry.  Finding your creative edge and expression is extremely beneficial for the soul.

To Create

One of my creative outlets is through music composition. In fact, my first relaxation piano album can be listened to on this platform.  I’m excited to announce, I’ll be starting a FlowetryLife podcast, I’ll be showcasing my newest music compositions, I’ll be making available my life-mastery online course and uploading my thoughts on important issues around realising your full potential.

To Inspire

I want this site to celebrate and showcase my multiple soul expressions. And I hope this will add value and inspire others to fully express themselves too. Blessings GMaking our lives our greatest masterpiece 

About me: I’m a entrepreneur who, after creating a successful career for myself in real estate, wanted to help others achieve success in life. I’ve written two best-selling books, am a music composer, and have enrolled thousands of people in my life coaching courses.

See my full Ghramae Johnson bio here.

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Allow your life to be your Masterpiece