Why Less is Abundantly More?

The phrase, 'Less is more' is a weird dichotomy that makes no sense. Less is by nature a subtraction from a higher amount. As children of western society, we are accustomed to striving for greater, in fact, our value is based on it. So why has this phrase reached the highest honour amongst wise sayings? Read on...

We’ve all heard the saying “less is more”, it sounds good and even profound, although some may query what it actually means? and if it really makes sense?. I want to explore this statement and weigh it up once and for all, and I’m hoping you’ll join me, including your comments below.

In our society its unconsciously believed that accumulation equals society’s success. The increase comes in many forms, there’s status and moving up the ladder, better car, portfolio of houses and more money. This all amounts to more things to own from a ‘Mine’ standpoint. When we say this and that is mine, there is a tendency to inflate the ego to hold on to, defend, protect and maintain This situation can make us feel that our identity is connected to the ownership of the things. The way we see ourselves changes. We become people that belong to a category that’s associated with this type of ownership.

Law of attraction

The Law of attraction has been described as a process that allows you to draw towards you a shopping list. It has been said that all you have to do is demand and believe and you’ll receive.

However, another opinion is that the universe gives you the things that are aligned with your vibrational output. Your output of energy is an indication of what your life lessons are. If we are to realise that we’re on a path of expansion, growth and maturity, then it stands to reason that everything on our path is meant for us. In fact, it’s a gift that has been given to us to assist in our maturity. The law might well be a tool of evolution and transformation. The emphasis of life may well be in the Transformation of each of us.


From marketers, shop owners and manufacturers constantly send a message of being accepted, respected or honoured you need to accumulate material goods. This association has been forged at the expense of spiritual growth and real character maturity.

It seems that maturity is about stripping things back to the authentic truth and being able to live a fulfilled life with very little.  Not that we should live a life without things but be able to an not need to get fulfilment from any external thing.

Society runs in the opposite direction by promoting accumulation and acceptance and respect, like and love through status.

The Gift of loss.

Having something most of the time means forging emotional connections with that thing. Whether it’s partner, friend, business, job or handbag. We establish emotional connections in which we get to know ourselves a little more. We behave in certain ways to defend, maintain and acquire it in the first place. When we lose something that we possessed previously, we are given the opportunity to grow and expand like no other time. It’s in the loss we are shown the space within us that can only be filled from an inside of us.

The Lesson

Things are given and taken from us in alignment with what we require to grow. Although this process is only seen clearly through mature eyes. None the less, this process of growth will be offered to us whether we are compliant, aware or in agreement.

Also part of the lesson is that realise that options and our desire for more options are a trap. Meditation and being in the flow is actually absent from options. When we’re in the moment, in the flow of our alignment, we just are, being and flowing with the current of Source energy.

We’re conditioned into thinking that more options are where happiness comes from. On an unconscious level, we’ree taught that when we have more options and choices we are doing better and that we are able to achieve greater levels of fulfilment.

Wow, there are many illusions that we have to navigate through towards real freedom.

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