Ghramae Johnson:

Entrepreneur, Floweticst, Life Coach

Hi, I’m Ghramae (Grey-Me), and welcome to Flowetry.Life

Who am I?

  • No 1. Bestselling author
  • Life Coach
  • Speaker
  • Music composer

Although, when that’s all said and done, I’m ultimately a life enthusiast who adores the ability to express himself through multiple channels. Whether it’s entrepreneurial, property investing, painting or teaching. As far as I’m concerned they’re all a colourful expression of my soul. 

Creative beginnings

I started my long and colourful career as a fashion designer, designing clothes for Soul 2 Soul, an international pop band after leaving college. At the same time, I jointly-owned and ran my own clothing shop. Although I deeply enjoyed this exciting and creative period in my life, my heart yearned for more. 

Psycho to Entrepreneur

I ended up following my heart and enrolled in a degree course at Algate East University where I studied psychology before moving on to sourcing investment properties for a large investment company. In short, within months I was overloading the company with properties until it became evident that I had a natural gift in this field. After my third meeting with the owner and the directors of the investment company, I realised I was on the wrong side of the desk, I should have been using my skills and natural abilities to build my own portfolio, my own wealth – so I did. I began a journey of learning new cutting edge strategies and building my own portfolio, one property at a time.

To cut a long, steep-learning-curved journey short, I amassed a 46 property portfolio in London before departing from being an investor, singularly focusing on my own expansion and started to coach other investors in building their own portfolios. I wrote a book called ‘The PBE system – How to become financially free investing in property’, which was distributed in a few seminars and sold on Amazon.

People Investment

At this time it dawned on me that I was assisting others to build wealth by using a lot of my knowledge in psychology. So, I found myself naturally flowing into ‘people investment’ (the arena of soul/body/mind), instead. It was clear to see, at that point, what made me light up like a Christmas tree… human potential, psychology, theology and associated subjects. I eventually made a clean break from corporate life and it’s mindsets, comfortably residing in the world of personal development and spirituality. I’ve happily been there ever since. I’ve coached hundreds of people,developed an online course that has enrolled over 7,000 students and written an Amazon Bestseller called ‘Growth Mindset Secrets’

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