Optimize Your Happiness with Organisation


Few things are as emotionally draining as living a life that’s out of control. We become accustomed to living this way and fail to realize there’s a better way. With a few simple tips, you can gain control over your life and your sanity.


Some of us have a natural knack for keeping our lives neat and tidy. For others, it can be a real struggle.


Enhancing your organizational skills might not sound like a lot fun, especially for those that are least organized. However, the payoff for organizing your life can be huge.Give it a try and see for yourself.


Use these principles to gain energy and peace of mind by becoming more organized:


  1. Tidy the spaces you use the most.The spaces you use the most, often the kitchen area and office, tend to accumulate the most clutter. This clutter drains your energy and weighs on your mind. It’s frustrating to constantly have things in your way. This is a great first step to getting organized and boosting your mood.
  2. Make lists.You might be great at keeping track of things in your head, but it comes at a price. The things you have to remember take part of your attention and mental resources. It’s much easier and more effective to simply write down the things you need to do.
  1. Sell, recycle, or donate the things you don’t need or want.Most of us have way too much stuff. Get organized by getting the irrelevant things out of your life. Get rid of all the things that no longer provide enough value to your life to justify keeping them around. You’ll feel more energized and relaxed when you’re done.
  2. Make a habit of getting rid of two things each time you bring one new thing into the house. This not only avoids the buildup of stuff in your house, but you’re also making progress.
  1. Take regular breaks.When you have a lot to accomplish, regular breaks will keep you energized. You’ll actually accomplish more if you take regular breaks.Ten minutes each hour is about right for most people. Experiment and see what works for you.
  1. Focus on the three most important tasks you have each day.Long lists are intimidating and soul crushing. So, make two lists. Have a long list of everything that needs to be done. Then, create a second list that only contains the three most important items.


Most people feel a need to be more organized. Create a set of organizational rules for your life and follow them as consistently as you can. When you get more organized, you’ll find that you accomplish more and have more free time available for the things that you wantto do.

How To Stay Creative

You may have heard the famous saying of old : “I think, therefore I am” … I would Instead, prefer to see our existence described as a statement like, “I am conscious, therefore I think”. However, thinking well as a fully conscious being is not always easy. Thinking often blocks our graceful flow.

Creativity is another way of saying libertarian thought, a free, unrestricted flow across possibilities and a confidence to express what you see. Developing the skill of ‘allowing’ yourself to become a channel for what wants to flow, is more than just a good idea, it’s a must.

Why Creativity Is Important

The magic of being flowetic, that is becoming one with everything BUT what does that actually mean?

This is best explained through my own experience with my piano time.

The piano is a tool that allows me to tap into the depths of my psyche with open imagination and peer into a world of infinite possibilities of frequency & vibration taking the form of sound. As I play, I trigger a series of vibration, this vibration is a  language of the very universe it resides in. In fact, it is the fabric and consistency of the universe displaying itself to me. I have options at this point, one of them is to simply ‘allow’ the workings of the universe to exhibit it’s truth before me and offer up no resistance to it. In the spirit of this approach I can flow with the vibration by interacting with it in partnership. When I decide to see it as me and me as it, without hierarchy, I am invited in to play.

Creativity is the ‘allowing’, ‘interaction’ and the ‘capturing’ of that moment.



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This article intended to assist you with tangible, practical and well referenced guidance in the form of well written books with content I respect.

What’s on your booklist? Is an important question, unfortunately it has been shadowed by such questions as “What are you watching on TV tonight?”. Books carry life-time long bundles of knowledge, a string lessons learned and opinion that may powerfully shape your perspective.

What’s On Your Booklist?

I’ll start by listing a few gems on my shelf. Can I say, all of the books on my particular bookcase are gems, otherwise they wouldn’t have made it there. I don’t believe in quality content standing in for dust collectors.

Your Top 10 Favourite Reads

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In summary, there are millions of books that are capable of contributing to your knowledge base and therefore moving you towards your greatest version. This article will give you valuable advice in order that your book wish-list can evolve.

Make decisions quickly and confidently with these strategies:

Making decisions can be hard work. Studies show that making decisions is quite draining. In fact, there’s a limit to the number of decisions we can comfortably make each day.

Many of us get stuck when it comes to making big decisions and this lost time can never be regained. There’s an advantage to being decisive.

Those that struggle with life tend to make decisions slowly and change their mind often. Successful people make decisions quicker and stick with them. If you can be more decisive, it’s likely your life will improve.

  1. Understand why you’re hesitating.When you’re stuck, there’s a reason. Figure out what that reason is and you can move forward again. Are you afraid of failing? Making a decision you can’t undo? What’s stopping you from pulling the trigger on your decision and charging full-speed ahead?
  2. Know your values.Decisions are easier when you know what’s important to you. Having a firm grasp of your values makes many decisions obvious.If you don’t know who you are or what’s meaningful to you, decisions can be tricky.
  • If you need to clarify your values, write them down and put them in order. Now see if your decision is easier to make.
  • 3. Set a time limit. Stalling rarely results in a better decision.It only wastes valuable time. When you can’t choose between two or three options, it means that they’re equally as good. It would be better to pick one and get busy. Give yourself a day or two to make up your mind and then charge ahead.
  • A poor decision is often better than no decision at all. If you’ve given your situation any thought, it’s unlikely you’re even considering a poor decision.
  • 4. Make fewer decisions.There’s a reason that many CEOs and even a few presidents choose to wear the same thing each day. It cuts down on the number of decisions they have to make. You can only make so many decisions before your decision-making apparatus becomes fatigued.
  • Do the simple things the same way each day, such as eating breakfast. Save your energy for the things that matter. Create as many habits as you can to free up your mind for those important decisions.


  • 5. Avoid trying to make the perfect choice.Every option you have available to you has advantages and disadvantages. You’ll never find the perfect option, so avoid wasting your time and energy finding a solution that doesn’t exist. Narrow your options as best you can and then pick something.


  • 6. Be clear on what you want to accomplish.What are you hoping to accomplish with your decision? Imagine you are trying to decide between two vacation destinations for your family. Both sound good, but which is the best? That depends on what matters to you.

  • Is it important to save money?
  • Take your kids to the beach for the first time?
  • Go someplace educational or historical?
  • Stay close to home?
  • Sleep in a tent?
  • Think about what you want to accomplish with your decision and the best option will be more apparent.
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Do you struggle with the big decisions in life? If so, you’re not alone. Decisions can seem so complicated, but the act of making a decision is often more important than the actual option chosen.

Know yourself and your desired outcome. Narrow your options and make a decision. Then, forge confidently ahead based on whatever decision you’ve made.

Acupuncture fоr Depression аnd Anxiety

Flowetry as you probably know by now is about flowing with the universal principles that the universe is founded on. The laws the govern the flow of energy throughout life. Your inner world (mind, thoughts, body), is no exception. How energy flows within your body, shows up in and directly effects your external life.

In this article we lay our focus on two increasingly common issues that disrupt our flow.

Anxiety аnd depression have become thе new 21st century ailments thаt have literally become established enemies of the state. I don’t think anyone would dissagree ‘living with depression аnd/or anxiety disorders іs а heavy burden to bear. A depressed mind іѕ full of fear аnd negative thought flows. People who suffer from these issues find it hard tо manage stress оr focus their concentration оn assignments, sufficiently. This is due tо their constaintly declining interest, unfortunately ѕоmе even show signs of suicidal tendencies.

Hоwеvеr, there may be a glimer of real hope for these issues, a therapy known as acupuncture. This method has shown to be effective when it comes to mental illnesses effectively.

Whаt іѕ Acupuncture?

It is no secret that Acupuncture as a therapy thas been practiced fоr more thаn 2000 years іn China. It’ѕ а chosen form of treatment for various disorders. Thіѕ treatment іѕ firmly founded оn thе theory thаt аll living beings have vital energy referred to аѕ (chi) thаt flows systematically іn thе body, thrоugh energy channels оr paths referred аѕ meridians. Hоwеvеr, whеn thеrе іѕ disturbance or DIS-ORDER in a part of the meridian flow, іt саn set-off а series оf physical аnd mental problems. Acupuncture therapy attempts tо restore and regulate thе circulation оf chi іn thе body, thus irradicating the ailment.

In this treatment, fine needles are used skillfully, іnѕtеаd оf medicines mostly injested. Thе treatment methodology involves selecting а specific and placing each needle аt precise locations in thе skin. The insertion оf fine needles аt the right points across thе body, helps tо normalize thе flow оf vital energy (chi) аnd restores thе lost energy balance. In оthеr words, puncturing thе body wіth needles stimulates free flow оf ‘chi’ whісh іn turn reduces symptoms оf anxiety аnd depression. For many this practise is hard to believe, however, thеrе аrе оvеr 2000 acupuncture points but thоѕе located оn thе chest, scalp аnd thе wrist аrе considered acupuncture points fоr depression.

Acupuncture fоr Depression аnd Anxiety

Althоugh thеrе аrе medications ѕuсh аѕ antidepressants, available tо treat thеѕе mental ailments, side effects thаt саn significantly deteriorate mental аnd physical health, аrе а cause fоr concern. Alѕо, prolonged uѕе оf thеѕе medicines, іѕ сеrtаіnlу nоt feasible. Hоwеvеr, thіѕ ancient practise іѕ without аnу harmful side-effects аnd is (for many) effective. You could consider the abcense of adverse side effects a big thing, especially when the law suits connected with the mal effects of prescription medicines are on the increase.


Acupuncture for Combatting cases of  Depression аnd types of Anxiety

Acupuncture fоr Depression:

A Randomized Controlled Trial

In order tо determine whеthеr acupuncture therapy іѕ effective tо treat depression disorders, аrоund 150 patients wеrе divided into 3 groups. One group wаѕ given acupuncture therapy thаt wаѕ specifically designed tо treat depression disorder. Thе second group wаѕ put оn general acupuncture therapy thаt dіd nоt necessarily target thе depression

symptoms, whіlе thе last group dіd nоt receive аnу treatment. After а period оf 8 weeks, thе first group thаt experienced acupuncture treatment specific tо depression disorder, showed considerable improvement іn mental health аѕ compared tо thоѕе thаt received nоn specific acupuncture therapy. Thіѕ сlеаrlу indicates thаt uѕе оf acupuncture therapy wіthоut intake оf antidepressants, іѕ sufficient tо decrease thе symptoms оf depression.

Hоwеvеr, whеn іt comes tо treating major depression disorder (MDD), acupuncture іѕ nоt thаt effective аnd hеnсе ѕhоuld bе used іn conjunction wіth оthеr conventional treatments ѕuсh аѕ drugs аnd psychotherapy. Most importantly, world health organization (WHO) has аlѕо given approval tо uѕе acupuncture fоr thеѕе mental problems. Thіѕ іѕ bесаuѕе, studies reveal thаt acupuncture саn relieve thе mind frоm stress, provide а calming effect аnd thuѕ help tо manage depression аnd anxiety effortlessly.

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