Inspirational Piano Music Albums

by Ghramae Johnson


Twenty-three piano instrumental pieces. The Piano takes the lead and creates an environment that invites other instruments to join in with the celebration. The dynamic sounds within each composition are intended to elicit emotion, vision and take you on a journey.

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A selection of 8 songs taken from the CALM album given an ambient and atmospheric feel. Blended with 432Hz and 528Hz(love frequency), they’re great to get lost in, align with and calm the deepest recesses of your mind.

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Both albums are available to listen and buy through all of your favourite music platform, incl. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, etc.


As a composer, I adore melody and varying tones that produce an emotional response. As a flowesist (a person that attempts to flow with the universal flow, source of life or divine spirit), I am sensitive to high vibrations that heal and promote wellness. So, my music combines these essentials.

In my music, I’m also mindful of the natural healing power within the frequency of every tone. My wish is that each composition works towards healing and realigning, allowing energy to flow unhindered through body, mind & soul.


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