How To Stay Creative

You may have heard the famous saying of old : “I think, therefore I am” … I would Instead, prefer to see our existence described as a statement like, “I am conscious, therefore I think”. However, thinking well as a fully conscious being is not always easy. Thinking often blocks our graceful flow.

Creativity is another way of saying libertarian thought, a free, unrestricted flow across possibilities and a confidence to express what you see. Developing the skill of ‘allowing’ yourself to become a channel for what wants to flow, is more than just a good idea, it’s a must.

Why Creativity Is Important

The magic of being flowetic, that is becoming one with everything BUT what does that actually mean?

This is best explained through my own experience with my piano time.

The piano is a tool that allows me to tap into the depths of my psyche with open imagination and peer into a world of infinite possibilities of frequency & vibration taking the form of sound. As I play, I trigger a series of vibration, this vibration is a  language of the very universe it resides in. In fact, it is the fabric and consistency of the universe displaying itself to me. I have options at this point, one of them is to simply ‘allow’ the workings of the universe to exhibit it’s truth before me and offer up no resistance to it. In the spirit of this approach I can flow with the vibration by interacting with it in partnership. When I decide to see it as me and me as it, without hierarchy, I am invited in to play.

Creativity is the ‘allowing’, ‘interaction’ and the ‘capturing’ of that moment.



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